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"Great footage and beautiful editing! How did I miss this?"

- RangerDave, from Battlefield 1 - Russian Revolution Trailer

"I still can't believe this trailer wasn't made by EA or DICE. It's breath takingly amazing"

- Vive, from Battlefield 1 - War is Over Trailer

"Thank you for the fun! (I was the hawks) it was actually really fun chatting and laughing with you both!"

- MiniLCos, from Comic Con, but only Cringe

"Damn good job, sir"

- AirJacobs, from Battlefield 1 Accolades Trailer

"I still come back to this video every now and again. Simply amazing"

- TBAG (EPIC GAMING), from Battlefield 1 - War is Over Trailer

"The cutting. The transitions. The editing. Everything is top class"

- Homan Been, from Battlefield 1 - War is Over Trailer

"Beautiful work as always Lanky. You never fail to amaze me with those amazing trailers you make. :)"

- Veteran Alpha, from Battlefield 1 - Russian Revolution Trailer

"8/8 Would hire"

- Glasse, from I'm a Game Developer

"Oml I'm so cringy hahahaha but thank you!"

- Astro Chaos, from London Comic Con & Funny Interviews

"Epic work dude !! Great job. Loved how you put this together !!"

- BackWoodz Tuner, from Battlefield 1 - Survive Trailer

"Looks very decent mate. I can see the effort put into this, well done"

- Erebus, from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - 3 Year Trailer

"That tank airshot clip in the beginning made me moist"

- Danktorias, from Tea has been spilled - Battlefield 4

"Excellent Video. I haven't played the game yet but this assessment seems to be focused, well thought out and very entertaining. Thank you putting this together and showing pertinent examples of the issues you had. Once Again, Excellent video."

- Victor Chappel, from Vehicle Gameplay is Flawed (Battlefield 2042)


And 1000s more reviews/comments...

Thank you everyone who leave feedback about my work. It only motivates me to continue and do more amazing stuff as time goes on.

- Tom Belous (aka TheLankySoldier) -

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