Experienced video editor and independent producer in various media projects. Personal passion for 

film-making, gaming development, content creation and telling a story in my projects.


I have produced independent projects that involve trailer making, podcasts, big public event coverage, while discovering new passion for 3D and 2D artwork (Blender Renders and UI/UX designs). 


Current/last position: Video Publishing at SONY Interactive Entertainment "Playstation" (London)

Other Experience:

  • Community Management 

  • Qualified Football Coach for kids and Part-time Football Coach for College Football Team

  • Live Sports Editor

People refer to me as “Lanky”(also known as The Lanky Soldier) in online communities because of my “gamer tag”. The Lanky Soldier is also the name of my YouTube channel where I used to actively post various personal projects like trailers, event coverage (Comic Con) and podcasts. All of these projects gathered over 5 million views, and that number is still growing which I hold as a great personal accomplishment.

I'm a former volunteer online moderator for EA Digital Illusions CE AB (EA DICE) community forums,

like "Battlefield Community Test Environment" and "Battlefield Incursions", where I used to work with other moderators in making sure the forums remained a good place for healthy video game discussions.

I learned a lot about game development and different ways of communication between developers and players in official forums and social media, which helped to close the gap in delivering information between players and developers, thus helping in finding common understanding.