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Passionate & Experienced Media Specialist that worked in variety of industries.

Digital media enthusiast since the early age. I'm a video editor, photographer, content creator, producer,

and so much more. My passion is to create something that people would be interested in & develop specific

emotions that might inspire them to do the same. And most importantly, I take pride in what I do.

I've been video editing for many years, creating amazing & emotional video projects that were seen by millions. 

Travelling around the world and photographing everything I can see, showcasing the beauty of our planet.

Creating content on my Youtube channel that makes people think, to rediscover their passion for something they cared about all this time. Having sleepless nights (you should not do that) on producing podcasts & organising

event coverage for many years. Worked with some of the biggest companies in the world and gained experience

in publishing & marketing, which thought me a lot of valuable lessons.


On top of that, I'm also an IT specialist, as I work with PCs, technology and software on daily basis. I build my own computers for fun, while handling different type of software that comes with it.

I also dabbled in video game development, that involves level designing and game mode scoring systems, 

while improving my skills in 2D and 3D artwork, that would be used for UI/UX designs.


Some achievements of mine:

  • Was part of the most successful sale campaign (Movie/TV shows) in company’s history at Sony “Playstation”

  • Created multiple Logos for various clients and businesses 

  • Organised different types of events for various communities. Whether it is sport or online events

  • Designed a handbook (2011-2012) for London College institutions and 10,000 copies were
    printed out for the general public

  • Produced high quality video game trailers that crossed 7million+ views

  • Projects featured in the marketing material of Electronic Arts games

  • Built my own personal Photography and Video portfolio

  • Took charge of a College Football team. Managed to save the funding for the team that
    helps the College team to survive

  • Created my own scoring system for competitive video game that accurately reflects team

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People refer to me as “Lanky” (also known as TheLankySoldier) in online communities because of my gamer tag. TheLankySoldier is also the name of my YouTube channel where I actively post various personal projects like

video essays, trailers, event coverage (Comic Con) and podcasts (Live Gaming Gathering).


All of these projects gathered over 7 million views, and that number is still growing which I hold as a great personal accomplishment.

I'm a former volunteer online moderator for EA Digital Illusions CE AB (EA DICE) community forums,

like "Battlefield Community Test Environment" and "Battlefield Incursions", where I used to work with other moderators in making sure the forums remained a good place for healthy video game discussions.

I learned a lot about game development and different ways of communication between developers and players in official forums and social media. That helped to close the gap in delivering information between

different parties, thus helping in finding common understanding.

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