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Ultimate podcast for fans of the iconic FPS series - Battlefield.

Founded in 2014 by a group of passionate Battlefield players, we invite you to join us on the reboot of our show, where we delve into the deep history of this beloved series, explore new developments and insights, and enhance your gaming experience. No matter where you started, Battlefield 1942 or Battlefield 2042, we promise to offer unique and interesting perspectives of this franchise.

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Hosts for BattlefieldOne Podcast:

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Tom Belous (aka TheLankySoldier) - Content Creator & Producer

Passionate video game enthusiast with many talents. Video Editor, Photographer, Gameplay & Game Mode Designer, 

Producer, Writer & more. Gathered his experience by working at "SONY" Playstation Europe & moderating forums for EA DICE.

Battlefield 2 (2005) was his first Battlefield game, but got more into the series with Battlefield 3 (2011). Tank main since then and participated in multiple competitive events trying to promote the competitive scene of Battlefield. Is that still a goal? Kinda.

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Ray Edmunds - Voice Actor & Audio Performer

Not only a talented voice actor, but also an experienced 3D Designer. Big fan of Star Trek and good friend of Tom's,

as they met on Battlefield forums while organising competitive events back in the early Battlefield 4 (2013) days.


Battlefield 2 Modern Combat (2005) was his first  Battlefield. Provides a different conversation angle that makes you think outside the box. Big believer in good old fashioned Battlefield gameplay.


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