Welcome to "Live Gaming Gathering" podcast!


A passion project created by Tom Belous (aka TheLankySoldier) in hopes of creating a platform where various individuals could come in and discuss anything they wish to talk about with honesty and ease.

Main subjects are usually gaming related, but it's never exclusive. We talk about anything we find interesting not only in video games, but anything we find in interesting in our daily lives.

Who featured on Live Gaming Gathering?

  • Ray Edmunds, voiceactor and audio performer. A good friend of Tom's, as they met on Battlefield forums while organising competitive events back in the early "Battlefield 4" days.

  • Szymon Olejniczak, also known as Simon or Spitfire. Works in games localisation, currently at EA Madrid. "Battlefield" player for more than a decade, really good in plane combat.

  • Adrian Matei, works in healtcare, but trying his luck in performance arts. Featured many times in Tom's projects, including in "Union of Hope" trailer and MCM Comic Con videos.

  • Jian Li, an old friend of Tom's from college. If Tom has an idea, Jian is always there to help no matter what. Loves food and big knowledge of Asian gaming market.

  • Dark Ethereal, also known as Drew. Founder of BFXP Group back in 2014, which made a huge impact on communication between game developers and players. Good at coding and programming.

  • Andreas Pohl, a person who loves math unironically. Really good in first person shooters, competitive in nature. Just like Jian, loves food way too much.

  • IlimunateSky, also known as John. EA Answers HQ Hero and EA Game Changer. Famous for his dad jokes, supportive and always there if you need any help with games.

  • And many more joining........