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Welcome to "Live Gaming Gathering"


Welcome to "Live Gaming Gathering" Podcast, where a bunch of friends from different parts of the world gather together to discuss anything that they find interesting in gaming industry and their personal lives.

A passion project created by Tom Belous (aka TheLankySoldier)

in hopes of creating a platform where various individuals

could come in and discuss anything they wish to talk about

regarding video games with honesty and ease.

What to expect from us while listening ?

Video games are more than some entertainment medium. It's art, storytelling, gameplay moments with your friends, it can be anything you want it to be.

But at the same time, it's multibillion business, which can be brutal sometimes. 

We want to educate ourselves, including our listeners. We want to discuss

all different perspectives and learn something as we go, while having fun.

Because after all, it's just video games, right ?

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Hosts for "Live Gaming Gathering" Podcast

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Tom Belous (aka TheLankySoldier) - Content Creator & Producer

Passionate video game enthusiast with many talents. Video Editor, Photographer, Gameplay & Game Mode Designer, 

Producer, Writer & more. Gathered his experience by working at "SONY" Playstation Europe & moderating forums for EA DICE.

Brings the knowledge, different discussion points & passion to the conversation about gaming. Big advocate for more open minded communication between developers and playerbase & better educational tools to be provided by publishers about game dev.

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Ray Edmunds - Voice Actor & Audio Performer

Not only a talented voice actor, but also an experienced 3D Designer. Big fan of Star Trek and good friend of Tom's,

as they met on Battlefield forums while organising competitive events back in the early "Battlefield 4" days (2013).

He is charismatic, understanding and provides a different conversation angle that makes you think outside the box.

When Tom's passion for better gaming industry standards takes over, Ray is there to filter it into more reasonable discussion.

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"Live Gaming Gathering" Socials

Who Featured on "Live Gaming Gathering" ?

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Flakfire - Youtuber & Teacher

The one and only, Mr Flanders of Battlefield community. Content creator on Youtube with 100K+ subs.

Caring father, teacher at an university, big fan of history with unlimited knowledge, while doing his best in being creative

with Battlefield memes that may or may not makes sense.

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Michael Forsgren - Head Chef & History Nerd

Dubbed as the "Gangsta Expert" by Tom. Big history nerd and trusted teammate in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Restaurant owner in Sundswall, Sweden, that focuses on Italian cuisine. Commonly known as Znokker to his friends,

extremely competitive in First-Person Shooters and one of the biggest "Lord of the Rings" fanboys known to humanity.

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Szymon Olejniczak - Localisation Tester (Polish) at EA Madrid

One of the best pilots in Battlefield games and #1 player in the world with Flare kills in "Battlefield 4".

Also known as Simon or Spitfire. Works in games localisation, currently at EA Madrid, with credits in Apex Legends,

Sims 4, Battlefield V and Battlefield 2042. Big variety gamer, especially in smaller indie games. King of sarcasm.

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Adrian Matei - Presenter & Actor

Features as one of the thugs in "The Batman" (2022) and helps Tom with MCM Comic Con videos as the main presenter.

Works in healthcare, but trying his luck in performance arts. Featured in multiple TheLankySoldier channel projects,

including "Battlefield V - Union of Hope" Trailer. Owns Balenciaga stock in Fortnite.

face 10.png

Jian Peng Li - Video Editor & Social Media Expert

Adobe Suite expert with a lot of knowledge of Asian gaming market.

One of Tom's oldest friends, as they been working together on multiple projects for TheLankySoldier channel.

Definitely one of the best League of Legends players that walked on this planet.

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Drew (aka Dark Ethereal) - Programmer & BFXP Founder

Founder of BFXP Group back in 2014 that brought EA DICE developers and Battlefield CTE players together.

A Battlefield player since the original games, with a lot of experience and understanding how the franchise has progressed.

A big advocate for platforms where players on certain games could interact with developers more freely to improve the product.

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Andreas Pohl - Electrical Engineer

A person who loves math unironically & electrical engineer in the making.

Really good in first person shooters, competitive by nature. A close friend of Tom's for many years and helping him out

on couple video projects they worked together for TheLankySoldier channel.

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John (aka IlimunateSky) - EA Answers HQ Hero

A fellow friendly gamer that is famous for his really terrible and cringy dad jokes.

Big passion of variety of video games. If you ever need help, John will always be there for you. Active in many different

video game communities and always ready to help no matter what.

And many more scheduled....

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