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Volunteer moderator for forums

Back in the day, when I was extremely passionate about my video games (still am, don't get me wrong), especially Battlefield titles back in their CTE glory days (CTE - Community Testing Ground), I was always spending my time in Reddit, Forums, Twitter, Skype and Discord. I was always talking to developers and players alike, discussing various problems and possible fixes that could be applied to Battlefield games while using the CTE as a testing ground. But when an opportunity appeared to moderate the new upcoming "Battlefield LIVE" and "Battlefield 1 Incursions" forums, I quickly talked to developers who were responsible for this and offered my volunteering services. And thankfully, they trusted me and couple others with that responsibility.

Even though I'm not completely new to forum moderating, as I was part of Battlefield community called "BFXP" (Battlefield Experiences), that was focusing on working with developers and delivering feedback on projects that might not be ready for public testing. It was somewhat of an easy transition, and I've moderated the forums for more than a year, experienced all different type of good and bad scenarios when it comes to community engagement and communication, while making sometimes difficult decisions depending on the scenario we were dealing with. I learned a lot what it means to be unofficial community manager, a link between a community member and developers, while maintaining my neutrality in the forums as much as I possibly could. It was an amazing experience for various reasons and it was quite beneficial to me as an individual, and I wouldn't say no in doing more community work in the future. It is quite exciting when everything falls into place and both community and developers are in agreement, while we're all solving problems together. I was also doing some designing volunteer work for the forums, as we were always making sure the forums are exciting place to visit every day. We picked some designs and included them in our community projects.


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