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Sunset - BattlefieldOne Podcast. Thank you

Back in 2014, when "Battlefield CTE" program was just getting started, some of us passionate players that were religiously involved with the program wanted to do something more. Something with purpose, something that would bring all our different opinions about the franchise and game design ideas into one platform for everyone to hear. Originally it was community based Youtube videos or forums posts, until one of the developers suggested doing a podcast series, as there was a big market gap for "Battlefield" related podcasts. Long story short, we thought it was a great idea.

We originally started as "BFXP Podcast", and were quite in early stages of understanding how podcasting works. We learned early on that bringing more people doesn't equal more quality, and our first ever artwork/design of our podcast in video form wasn't that good looking at first. As time went on, we kept improving and making changes to make it a more mainstream process, with easier and better looking graphics for the video and much better audio for listeners that don't have the time to watch the whole podcast episode.

We did couple episodes and took a small break to analyse our mistakes. A month later, we came back with a re-brand and new improved layout that worked for everyone in terms of production. It was re-branded as "BattlefieldOne Podcast". Note: BattlefieldOne Podcast name and who was the original "Battlefield 1"?

First ever episode of BattlefieldOne Podcast was released on August 3rd, 2015. The name Battlefield One came up from an idea that there was never a "Battlefield" title called "Battlefield 1" or being first in general. The first ever original "Battlefield" title was released back in 2002, and it was called "Battlefield 1942". Since then, we had "Battlefield 2", "Battlefield 3", "Battlefield 4", some spinoffs, but never "Battlefield 1" or anything like that. To us back then, it was the perfect name for all original, "Battlefield" focused podcast on Youtube to capture that market. A year later, the next Battlefield title is announced, and it's was called "Battlefield 1" (2016). We knew that some developers at DICE were listening to our podcast, but to this day, we still have no idea if DICE took the name from us, or we're just really good at predicting the future (I love to think that we are the ones that influenced the marketing of "Battlefield 1" without even realising it).

Over the next 3 years, we managed to produce 43 episodes (From 1 hour to 2 hours long, depending on the topic) and to my surprised, I can confirm that the episodes are still somewhat relevant to this day, as we discussed pretty much everything we could possibly could as a passionate playerbase of the franchise. I learned how to present a show, listen to feedback, improve and understand what works and what doesn't for podcasting, understand how much meaning graphics mean, and prioritise what people love to hear in their podcast shows. It was definitely one of the most enlightening experiences I had as a producer, while working with my team members on making sure the podcast shows stays at the highest quality possible.

But after 3 years of podcasting and producing, it was time to take a break and end on a good note. For our own personal and financial reasons, it was time for us to move on and BattlefieldOne Podcast will always be part of hearts. Episodes will remain online forever, unless Youtube will delete them for whatever reasons, but let's hope not, so you can always go back and re-listen some episodes for whatever reason you might fancy. Thank you everyone who have been listening to us over the last 3 years, and thank you especially to my team members and guests who took part in our little adventure. See you on the Battlefield.


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