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Patreon February Update 2023

Note: This post will be edited/updated until the end of the month

Hello there everyone. Just giving you an update about the content that will be available this month.

Silver Tier:

1. Update with Lanky Ep 1 (Published) Gold Tier:

1. Update with Lanky Ep 1 (Published)

2. Live Gaming Gathering Extra Ep4 - Live Servives games are not Sustainable? (Published)

3. Live Gaming Gathering Extra Ep5 - Call of Duty 2023 Reports: Pathetic (Published)

4. Green Screen Bloopers - Behind The Scenes "Stockholm Syndrome: Battlefield 2042" (Published)

5. Green Screen Bloopers - FIFA Video (Moved to next month)

Unplanned content:

6. Longer version of Out of Context #8 - Call of Duty (Published)

Thank you for supporting the channel. If you have any questions, you know where to find me.


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