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MCM London Comic Con and our adventures

It's just amazing to think about that we been regular attendees at MCM Comic Con since 2014 non-stop. The nerdy stuff we've seen and experienced, and I would never trade that for anything else in the world. And most importantly, met new people and actually be happy when we see the same people over and over again, as they recognise us with our small Canon 600D cameras and some microphone for interviews. Even at one point, we approached some cosplayers for interview, and they recognised us by "watching our videos online". That alone is mind blowing to me, because I never imagined people even watching our content and how "recognizable" we became. We are not famous, far from it, but someone took their time to watch our content they found randomly on Youtube. That alone is worth the effort of coming there and do some amazing, casual, fun videos. Thank you everyone who we interviewed over the last couple years, and thank you everyone who have been watching our videos for a really long time. Hopefully we will see you in the next MCM Comic Con.

And thank you MCM Comic Con stuff members for actually giving us press passes, because believe it or not, those things are a life savers for us. P.S Anyone that cosplay's as Maka Albarn from Soul Eater, you have my full support and I will kindly ask for selfie and giggle like an idiot from happiness


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