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Part of Publishing Team at SONY "Playstation"

I personally don't like writing essays about myself, mainly because I don't know what to write or it sounds anything interesting to anyone. I'm actually quite proud of my achievements, but my internal shyness and humbleness stops me from talking about it. This is the only place you will ever see me talking about my career achievements in some shape of form, I can guarantee you that.

So back in 2018 Summer, I managed to land a job at SONY "Playstation" Europe in Video Publishing. My main responsibilities are working with 3rd party partners and their products, digital content management, store operations, organise future sale campaigns, work with internal tools for publishing, last minute QAs and make sure everything we publish on Playstation Store is correct and working (last minute checks if I may). Sometimes it involved some troubleshooting (whether internal tools or communicating with 3rd party partners regarding anything about their product), or be the middle man between customer support department and SONY engineers that always helped to solve any possible issues.

From my previous work with IT and sports video editing, this was an easy transition to publishing, as I was already extremely interested in that type of work and content I would be working with. During this period at SONY, I learned so much about responsibility, deadlines, working with internal tools, team effort and individual work that benefits everyone, I would never trade all my new learned skills for anything else. If anyone if ever asks me if they should apply for any position at SONY Interactive Entertainment Europe, I would fully recommend to do so, as it's definitely one of the best working conditions and experiences I ever experienced in my whole working career, regardless how long I might be staying here (minus the Tesco tea that is in the main kitchen, but just bring your own if you want good quality tea........yes, I respect my tea. Plenty of milk for coffee or tea though).

Overall, it's definitely one of the best experiences I had in my life and I'm looking forward to future challenges that will make me even more engaged in my career. The more I learn, the better.


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